Radically Average?

Before I met Jesus, I always aspired to be a successful business woman – climbing the corporate ladder, making big money, dressing fashionably… etc. Then, God poured out His radical love on this “ambitious” little girl who was ready to take on the world. First, He showed me how deeply sinful I really am… that all my righteous rags are like filthy rags to Him. Then, He told me that He loves me even though I am absolutely sinful, and He already took those sins away when He died on the cross.

Now 6 years later, I am still radically loved by my Savior, but also radically loved by my husband (whom I absolutely don’t deserve.) I have two beautiful little girls… Yet, sometimes my calling is not so radical as it seems… I am not climbing the corporate ladder, but rather I climb my step stool trying to put things away up high. I am not making big money per se, but rather trying out different money pinching ideas through grocery shopping and meal planning. I no longer dress fashionably, instead I make sure my babies are dressed somewhat clean and have not peed or pooped through their outfits. In the midst of all my responsibilities, my calling seem so average and sometimes even mundane.

Well, is that really average? Is that really mundane? Maybe it’s actually radical to be average? 🙂


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