Early to Rise Challenge!


Yay! I have no idea how long can I keep up with blogging, let alone keeping up with this challenge. I’ll say that this is my first average yet radical challenge/goal here. 

I was so glad when Crystal over at MoneySavingMom set out this challenge. It had been one of my new years resolution for 2013. Though I have been making pretty good progress with my other resolutions, this one had slip through the crack (due to nursing baby and other lame excuses…) I actually thought few days ago before reading Crystal’s challenge that I could use some encouragement and boost to get this resolution going…. Then, God answered my prayer! 

I have heard so many women and books raved about how productive you can be when you get up early and get your morning routine done before the kiddos are awake and before our minds get distracted by a million things around the house. However, it is just NOT easy for me to do! 

No matter how hard it is to me or how my circumstances could hinder my goal, I want to pursue this average goal radically! By the end of the month, I’d like to get up consistently at 6am. 

Today, I actually didn’t do so hot – got up around 7:14am with my 1st born and was dragging myself until 9am.  I know… bad start… Yet, I will not lose heart! I’ll try again next Monday… and Tuesday if I fail on Monday… and again and again….


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